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Michael S Butler

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My Resume
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Michael S Butler
1406 Nina Road
Jeffersonville Indiana 47130
812-786-0346 cell

To find a fulfilling career that makes the best use of my skills.
Over 28 years experience developing the following skills:
Customer Relations          Loan Origination/Processing
Attention to Detail          Character Building
Decision Making              Sales
Financial Consulting         Supervision
Legal Compliance            Training Facilitation
Exceeded goals and achieved awards in providing mortgage loans.  Worked in loan origination since 2001.  Conducted credit report repair seminars.  Developed marketing plans to generate business with realtors, builders and home sellers.  Exceeded goals in sales and managing territories over 4 different States.
Veterans Administration Medical Center, Louisville, KY
December 2008-Present
Information Clerk/Voluntary Services
Union Fidelity Mortgage Corporation, Jeffersonville, Indiana
October 2005-April 2008
President and Chief of all operations of business.
Quality Finance, Jeffersonville, Indiana
May 2001-October 2005
Senior Loan/Financial Consultant responsible for personal goal setting, sales and marketing.
Business Resource Group, Louisville, KY
March 2001-May 2001
Office Building Maintenance Person responsible for keeping buildings clean and maintained and grounds kept while being self-motivated and attentive to details. 
Bachelder Plumbing, New Albany, Indiana
December 2000-March 2001
Worked with Master Plumber in existing plumbing repairs and new construction.  Gained experience in gas, water and sewer lines, plastic, iron and copper installation and repair.
Louisville Naval Ordinance Facility, Louisville, KY
February 1995-December 2000
Steam Plant Shift Supervisor responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing all steam plant boilers, pumps and auxiliary equipment, water treatment and records keeping.
Naval Reserve Center, Louisville, KY
1988-2000 (weekends and 2 weeks out of year)
Boiler Technician 20 subordinates for readiness while on active duty status.
Schwans Fine Foods, New Albany, Indiana
October 1994-February 1995
Truck Route Delivery Driver responsible in maintaining and building sales on route throughout Southern Indiana.  CDL licensed driver operating a 12 ton truck and making approximately 100 stops per day without a single incident or ticket.  
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, Hartford, CT
July 1988-October 1994
Commissioned State Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.  Inspected boilers and pressure vessels for State required certificate compliance.  Provided detailed investigative reports on boiler/pressure vessel/machinery accidents.  Assisted in boiler and pressure vessel cleaning and non-destructive examinations.
U.S. Navy
August 1977- June 1987
Boiler Technician First Class/Boileroom Supervisor/Oil and Water Lab Supervisor responsible for supervision and training of personnel in Boilers Division.  Operated, maintained and repaired all Main and Auxiliary boiler equipment, pumps, valves and associated equipment.  Tested and treated all boiler/feedwater systems.  Responsible for taking on ships fuel oil in port and at sea.
Mortgage Broker/Loan Originator Certifications and classes.  2001-present
Various Professional Licenses and Certificates related to Boiler and Machinery Construction, Inspection and Safety Reporting.  Certified through ASME Society of Pressure Vessel Engineers.  1987-1994
Various Naval Training Schools and Courses related to Engineering Operations, Maintenance and Repair.  1977-2000
High School Diploma, Haverhill High School, Haverhill, Massachusetts.  1977

Activities and Interests:                                                                                                   Antique collecting       Gardening/landscaping                                                                              Golfing       Cooking       Working with Gideons International



GOD loves YOU