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Michael S Butler

New England Hoosier
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Welcome to my personal website.  Here you will discover some interesting things about me through information, pictures and songs.  Turn up your volume.

You will find links to my resume, Christ Gospel Church (where I go to lift up the Name of Jesus with the Brotherhood) and information regarding Gideons International with my personal testimony.

Thank God, who is in control of everything this world is going through. He appoints the leaders of all the countries to bring about His Master Plan and Purposive Will.  Those who follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth have no need to worry.  It was all written down and must come to pass.  Just look up, for our salvation draweth nigh.  Jesus is coming soon and bringeth our eternal reward with Him.  

I look forward to the day when Jesus rules and reigns from His throne. Just and right is He, Hallelujah.

Papaws 6th grandbaby, JJ


Any comments or suggestions you have to improve this site are appreciated.

GOD loves YOU